The early-age school project is ongoing. We have schools in 14 villages for over 400 children ages 3 to 7, most of whom would never attend school. Because of these early-age schools almost all of our students go on to government school and do well because of their head start.

In addition, our volunteers provide classes for the communities on a variety of topics ranging from nutrition to family violence. Many women in the villages attend special adult classes that teach reading and writing.

We are also involved with community improvement projects that help with special needs such as wells for clean water, livestock care, and community safety. Whenever possible, we hire local people to teach these village classes.

Metabolic has constructed a boys dormitory, library, kitchen and dining facilities, playground, garden area, and chicken ranch. We are in the process of building additional dormitory space for the girls and an area for crafts and sewing projects.

Our children work, study and play hard. They have become a “happy and healthy family” that cares for each other.

The kids love volleyball, soccer, singing, and traditional Cambodian games. We have a very intense dance program in which the children learn classical apsara dances as well as traditional Khmer folk dancing.

Special events in the past have included educational and cultural trips to ancient temple ruins, playful trips to the beach and the water park in Phnom Penh, and parties with special food and lots of dancing and laughing.

We can always use help with medical and dental care and checkups, the food budget, playground equipment, school and art supplies, dance and music instruction, special trips and adventures, staffing, building projects, clothes and hygiene needs, school expenses and more ducks, chickens and geese as well as sports equipment.

Donations are welcomed. If you choose, your contribution can be earmarked for any specific project.