MRC Cambodian Children’s School and Orphanage Update, Feb. 2017

We have just completed the annual holiday Cambodian orphan clothing drive. This program, sponsored by John and Nina Soileau and Metabolic Research Center, provides new clothing for over 200 orphans in eight separate towns and city locations. We have been doing this for the past four years and it is the highlight of the year for these children. We started on Christmas day and finished on the Chinese New Year week. The past year we also provided jackets, tights, t shirts, dresses etc for 380 early age school children in the eleven separate village schools also sponsored by MRC.

These schools have increased the percentage of children in these villages going on to government school from roughly ten percent to 90%. Without schooling they have no chance for a decent life.

The exciting new development is MRC’s recent support of the Samrung Farm Orphanage which I will keep you updated on as the project progresses.

Terrance Kellogg
Outreach Coordinator

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