Cambodia: Children in Relief

Cambodia is a small country in Southeast Asia that has seen over six decades of turmoil, war, genocide and extreme poverty. The professional, intellectual and cultural infrastructure was destroyed in a misguided and malevolent purge that took place in the 70’s, an attempt to achieve a pure agrarian society.

Fifteen to twenty percent of the population was murdered or starved in that period. For years following the mass killing of academics, doctors, engineers, teachers, students, factory workers and artists, Cambodia’s economy struggled. War continued until the late 90’s and life expectancy was reduced because of violence, poor health care, and post trauma-related issues.

This resulted in many children with no parents or parents unable to care for their families. A dollar a day work force trying to exist in a world economy of rising costs for food, fuel and health care. For more than three decades, a majority of the children in Cambodia have been born into poverty-stricken families and simply left to live on the streets in the harsh conditions of major cities such as Phnom Penh.

Now Cambodia is at peace, relatively stable, and safe. The city economy is growing but the provinces are embedded in poverty and futility.

Today, we are helping as many children as we can to restore their basic health, educate their minds and teach them the skills they need to earn paying jobs in Cambodia’s growing hospitality industry. With your donations and assistance, the Metabolic Childrens Center, can make a real difference by providing a brighter future for children in need.